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HSS uses this web page to upload Customer Education seminar and webinar materials and information. HSS customers are welcome to download materials by file name from this page.

Download this file (_2019_2020_Seminars and Webinars.pdf)_2019_2020_Seminars and Webinars.pdf[ ]448 Kb2/24/2020 11:11
Download this file (FA_Imp_Formatting_Notes.pdf)FA_Imp_Formatting_Notes.pdf[ ]381 Kb2/12/2020 06:29
Download this file (2020-02-12_QSSUG WEBR_Fixed Assets Import_Presentation.pdf)2020-02-12_QSSUG WEBR_Fixed Assets Import_Presentation.pdf[ ]1209 Kb2/12/2020 06:28
Download this file (2020-01-29_QSSUG_WEBR_Employee Maintenance_Presentation.pdf)2020-01-29_QSSUG_WEBR_Employee Maintenance_Presentation.pdf[ ]2975 Kb1/28/2020 09:24
Download this file (2020-01-17_HSS WEBR_New W4 for Year 2020_Presentation.pdf)2020-01-17_HSS WEBR_New W4 for Year 2020_Presentation.pdf[ ]1301 Kb1/17/2020 09:44
Download this file (2020-01-15_QSSUG_WEBR_Requisition and Purchasing Order Entry.pdf)2020-01-15_QSSUG_WEBR_Requisition and Purchasing Order Entry.pdf[ ]2495 Kb1/14/2020 11:59
Download this file (2020-01-15_QSSUG WEBR_Requisition and Purchasing Entry_Flyer.pdf)2020-01-15_QSSUG WEBR_Requisition and Purchasing Entry_Flyer.pdf[ ]411 Kb1/3/2020 11:59
Download this file (2020-01-21_HSS SEMR_Budget Development_Flyer.pdf)2020-01-21_HSS SEMR_Budget Development_Flyer.pdf[ ]413 Kb1/3/2020 11:09
Download this file (2019-12-19_HSS WEBR_1099 for Tax Year 2019_Presentation.pdf)2019-12-19_HSS WEBR_1099 for Tax Year 2019_Presentation.pdf[ ]2288 Kb12/19/2019 08:19
Download this file (2019-12-17_HSS WEBR_W2 for Tax Year 2019_Presentation.pdf)2019-12-17_HSS WEBR_W2 for Tax Year 2019_Presentation.pdf[ ]2836 Kb12/16/2019 14:15
Download this file (2020-01-08_QSSUG SEMR_Absence Tracking_Flyer.pdf)2020-01-08_QSSUG SEMR_Absence Tracking_Flyer.pdf[ ]576 Kb12/11/2019 06:24
Download this file (2019-12-19_HSS WEBR_1099 for Tax Year 2019_Flyer.pdf)2019-12-19_HSS WEBR_1099 for Tax Year 2019_Flyer.pdf[ ]392 Kb11/14/2019 05:59
Download this file (2019-12-17_HSS WEBR_W2 for Tax Year 2019_Flyer.pdf)2019-12-17_HSS WEBR_W2 for Tax Year 2019_Flyer.pdf[ ]390 Kb11/14/2019 05:56
Download this file (2019-12-03_HSS SEMR_W2-1099 for Tax Year 2019_Flyer.pdf)2019-12-03_HSS SEMR_W2-1099 for Tax Year 2019_Flyer.pdf[ ]417 Kb11/4/2019 08:07
Download this file (2019-10-29_QSSUG WEBR_Purchase_Order_Change_Order_2_Presentation.pdf)2019-10-29_QSSUG WEBR_Purchase_Order_Change_Order_2_Presentation.pdf[ ]3626 Kb10/29/2019 06:02
Download this file (2019-11-05_QSSUG SEMR_Position Control_Flyer-Reg.pdf)2019-11-05_QSSUG SEMR_Position Control_Flyer-Reg.pdf[ ]694 Kb10/22/2019 05:16
Download this file (2019-11-05_QSSUG SEMR_Position Control_Flyer.pdf)2019-11-05_QSSUG SEMR_Position Control_Flyer.pdf[ ]654 Kb10/22/2019 05:16
Download this file (2019-10-22_QSSUG WEBR_Purchase_Order_Change_Order_1.pdf)2019-10-22_QSSUG WEBR_Purchase_Order_Change_Order_1.pdf[ ]3614 Kb10/21/2019 10:23
Download this file (2019-10-16_QSSUG WEBR_Personnel Downloader_Presentation.pdf)2019-10-16_QSSUG WEBR_Personnel Downloader_Presentation.pdf[ ]1195 Kb10/14/2019 06:56
Download this file (2019-10-10_QSSUG SEMR_Retirement_Flyer-Reg.pdf)2019-10-10_QSSUG SEMR_Retirement_Flyer-Reg.pdf[ ]598 Kb9/20/2019 07:53
Download this file (2019-10-10_QSSUG SEMR_Retirement_Flyer.pdf)2019-10-10_QSSUG SEMR_Retirement_Flyer.pdf[ ]552 Kb9/20/2019 07:51
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