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QSS is primarily an application software vendor, however sometimes we develop something that other developers find useful.

  • QSDK. QSS Server Developer's Kit. A toolkit for HP3000 programmers to make it easy to create daemon and server programs for use in a client/server software architecture.
  • QWEBS, written by QSS, is a full featured Web Server designed for the HP3000 and is unique in that it does not require Posix or HFS support. It was written completely from scratch and is not a port from existing 'c' based servers. QWEBS is designed to be used by those sites not interested in exploring the depths of Posix and HFS (MPE/iX 5.0), but who desire to implement a web server using their HP3000 as the host. Click here to visit our HP e3000 web site served by QWEBS on a Series A400-100-150.
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