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QSDK, a toolkit by QSS, is a subroutine library for HP3000 programmers who wish to develop network applications for their HP3000 without the hassle of learning network programming. This is what you get with QSDK:

  • Over 25 subroutines which encapsulate NetIPC and common MPE/iX intrinsics for building listeners, servers, clients, and creating complete networked applications.
  • Full encryption support for establishing secure communications over the network.
  • Advanced features for implementing deferred connections, client IP address identification and nowait socket I/O operations.
  • File transfer subroutine for easy transfer of data from the HP 3000.
  • VB functions for converting HP data types into common VB types.
  • Complete source code to sample listener and servers.
  • Reference manual which describes the basics of TCP programming on the HP3000 and how to call the QSDK subroutines.
  • QWEBS - a full featured WEB Server the HP3000.

QSDK is now available for purchase. You can order your complete Server Developer's Kit (includes QWEBS) or you can download the 'attached' QSDK demo package with VB samples [673k]. For pricing, contact Duane Percox ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for a quote.

Or you can read the QSDK 'attached' Reference Manual in Adobe Acrobat format or in plain HTML.

Download this file (Refhtml.zip)Refhtml.zip[QSDK Reference Manual in HTML]97 Kb9/24/2009 08:14
Download this file (Demozip.Zip)Demozip.Zip[QSDK Demo Package]673 Kb9/24/2009 08:12
Download this file (QSDKRef.pdf)QSDKRef.pdf[QSDK Reference Manual]118 Kb9/24/2009 08:12
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