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QWEBS, written by QSS, is a full featured Web Server designed for the HP3000 and is unique in that it does not require Posix or HFS support. It was written completely from scratch and is not a port from existing 'c' based servers. QWEBS is designed to be used by those sites not interested in exploring the depths of Posix and HFS (MPE/iX 5.0+), but who desire to implement a web server using their HP3000 as the host.

The QWEBS CGI script support is tightly integrated with existing HP3000 programs and overcomes the problems associated with mixing Posix and MPE applications.

QWEBS is now available for purchase. You can order your complete QWEBS Web Server kit for $495 (any size system) or you can download a demo version that has an expiration date. (Prices and terms are subject to change.)

QWEBS Features include:

  • Processing full-request messages and return a full-response
  • Map UNIX style directory/names to MPE names
  • Support for scripts using CGI specifications
  • Forms support (GET and POST)
  • Document and connection IP address security
  • Document re-direction
  • Administrator defined error HTML documents
  • CGI extensions using NM XL subroutines
  • CGI extensions to pre-parse data for easier script writing
  • Logging
  • WWW-Authentication support

Visit the land of QWEBS

Click here to visit the our HP e3000 web site served by QWEBS on a Series A400-100-150.

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