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Payroll Features

  • Designed specifically for school districts
  • Automatic labor/benefit distribution
  • Up to 24 account distributions per employee
  • Exact tax calculation
  • Paycheck with full detail on pay stub
  • Full on-line payroll and deduction history
  • Supports normal and supplemental pay
  • Automatically generates W-2s
  • Flexible voluntary deductions and TSAs
  • Supports multiple pay cycles
  • Supports Section 125 cafeteria plans
  • On-line payroll modeling
  • Full retirement support
  • Full STRS pick-up and PERS pick-up/buy-out
  • Medicare support
  • Automatic payroll deposit supported
  • Automatic distribution of benefits and deductions
  • High speed time card entry
  • Payroll interface facilitates data transfer from District to County office
  • On-line tax modeling
  • Interface to third-party time capture systems
  • Quarterly State reporting (e.g. California DE-6)


  • Optional County management of retirement
  • On-line history of reported transactions
  • MR-87 support
  • Accumulators for substitute/non-member tracking

Payroll Integration

  • Financial System
  • Human Resources
  • Position Control
  • Salary Schedules

Customer Benefits

  • Automatic interface to the G/L ensures smooth production of financial and budget reports.
  • On-line pay information aids payroll staff in assisting employees with inquiries.
  • Year-end and quarterly reports are automatically produced, saving valuable staff time.


The QSS/OASIS Payroll system currently pays over 300,000 employees in various educational institutions. The system handles normal and supplemental pay types for varying time lengths and retirement benefits.

Sample Reports

  • Deduction Listing by Deduction Code
  • Deduction Listing by Employee
  • Print Payroll Checks
  • Print APD Stubs and Make APD Tape Records
  • Auto Deposit Register
  • Warrant Register
  • County Auditors Payroll Warrant Register
  • Auto Deposit Roster
  • Employee Roster by Pay Location
  • District Fund Summary
  • Payroll Fund Transfer Report
  • Payroll Register
  • Earnings Register
  • Payroll Labor Distribution
  • Employees Paid First Time
  • Payroll Summary: Ethnic, Gender, Object
  • Automatic Benefit Distribution
  • Employee Paid Benefit Distribution
  • Benefit Object Table
  • Payroll Hand Warrant Register
  • Benefit Mapping
  • Benefits Summary
  • Rate Pay Worksheet
  • Final Payroll Prelist
  • Vendor Deduction Recap
  • Payroll Benefit Fact Sheet
  • Payroll Quarterly SUI / SDI / FICA Reports
  • QTD Totals for Log-on District
  • Employee YTD Totals
  • Monthly FICA Transmittal Forms
  • Monthly Medicare Transmittal
  • Employees Not Paid in 18 Months
  • W2 Prelist and Reports

On-Line Updates and Inquiries

  • Update Account Masterfile
  • Display Employee Autopay Banking
  • Update Benefit Mapping
  • Maintain Employee Payroll Deductions
  • Maintain Work/Pay Location
  • Update Employee Pay Information After Payroll
  • Payname Maintenance
  • Payroll Locking Maintenance
  • Update Encumbering/Pay History
  • Maintain Account Distribution
  • Tax Calculation Routines
  • Payroll Hand Warrants
  • Cancel Issued Pay Warrants
  • Tax Modeling

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